• New Free Story for Newsletter Subscribers

    Mark's Story is close to my heart and has served well as a little thank you to those who subscribe to my newsletter, but it's time to update! Next week, when I plan to send out a newsletter, I'll be updating the free story for newsletter subscribers to the one listed below, a short story from the perspective of Jeremy Holt. If you aren't already subscribed to my newsletter, make sure you do that!

    Those of you who have read the Our Song stories will know him as the hero from that series, and from the title you can probably guess what scene is depicted in this short story. I hope you all enjoy this little peek into the mind of a billionaire who meets the love of his life.

    hot coffee cover600wide

    Where were you when you met the love of your life?

    For Jeremy Holt the event is burned into his mind, body and soul. In less than the time it takes to prepare a cup of coffee, the most important thing in the handsome young billionaire's life changes from how to best negotiate his next business acquisition to how he can relight the fire in the eyes of the beautiful but broken girl who walked into the boardroom at Bloxhamtech.

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