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    As of today, WRITING OUR SONG, the first book in my ‘Our Song' series is available FREE for my subscribers!

    I wanted to give more back to my newsletter subscribers, but with not having a huge number of books out yet I didn't have a lot of options. Now, with my fourth full-length novel well underway, I thought that ‘Writing Our Song' was the right choice, being first in the series and yet still a completely self-contained story that can be enjoyed by itself. SUBSCRIBE HERE for the free downloads, if you haven't already!

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    Writing Our Song

    For aspiring singer, Beatrice Hampton, the future used to be a sweet thing to look forward to, filled with the kind of joy you could write a song about. However, after losing her parents while still in high school, she is left crushed, alone, and harboring a bitter resentment towards the wealthier members of society, whom she partially blames for the destruction of her hopes and dreams. After years of lonely struggle, she can hardly remember the last time she felt happy.

    That's when she literally stumbles into billionaire Jeremy Holt, and things take another turn for the unexpected. Seeking only a temporary escape from the cold and grey confines of her life, Beatrice agrees to go with Jeremy on a short trip to New Zealand. On the surface Jeremy is the exact kind of man she promised herself she would never fall for but, after spending some time with him, she realises that maybe there's a lot more to the successful young entrepreneur than his money. Maybe he's the one person that can make her feel alive again.

    Beatrice can't deny the spark, the chemistry, between the two of them but her past still haunts her. To be with Jeremy she must face the stresses of life in the public eye and the guilt of broken promises to herself and her parents. To be without him is almost too painful to bear. Will Beatrice and Jeremy get the chance to write the song of their love, or will they each be left with the memory of a beautiful but all too brief time when their lives intertwined?

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